What am I doing?!

After a period of time off I have decided to come back to this website to begin again with my film reviews; however, this time with a bit of rebranding. I will be trialling reviews of a shorter length so they are more concise and accessible; where I can then post more regularly and also branch into TV and news around film and TV. I may archive my old posts or I may keep this website separate and begin again under a new domain; nevertheless, I will be back and I will be reviewing. I hope you enjoy…


One thought on “What am I doing?!

  1. Look forward to seeing how you rebrand, and glad you’ve jumped back into it. Each blogger I follow has their own style and I like the variety. Some write a novel and go into every detail, others keep it simple and short and just explain the concept and give it a grade. I like when they review the same movie so I can see the different opinions.


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